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Urdaximil is the God of chaos, dreams, evil, elemental evil, demons, trickery/deception and Madness. Urdaximil has killed many of the first generation Gods and absorbed their power. Before Urdaximil absorbed all of the first gen elemtal gods the remaining Gods got together and created the elder elementals (a lawful and a chaotic elder for each element). Some of the remaining Gods divine spark went into these elders but since they were not gods themselves Urdaximil could not absorb their power. However, urdaximil found out a way to corrupt and harness the elders power. So, Urdaximil was looking for the elders.
Majinn had dreams of chaos and elemental fires and was then awoken “Majinn, Majin wake up Urdaximil is breaking through.” Zax (Majinns first liutenant) is about 20ft tall and is surprisingly fat for a genie. He wears his families ceremonial armor that gleams with a golden brilliance and he wields a hge spiked chain in combat. Majinn was a Geno and a General in Aairoons army (Aarioon is the chaotic elder elemental of Air). He was four distinct yet all too familiar inner voices. One is fast talking and it tells him what his passion is and what he desires most. The other is stern and monotone and it reminds him of his duty and that he must adibe by it. The third is gruff and Deep and it urges him to act for the better of the world. While the last is cackling and cynical and it urges him to embrace the darkness that lurks inside. Before she died Majinns God Zephyr (the first gen God of Air) charged Majinn to protect Aairoon. They were at a fortess built in a demiplane of Aairoons creation. This was one of the many demiplanes built by Aairoons as a hiding spot from Urdaximil but urdaximil found them all. Urdaximil found this demiplane as well, he located it in a dream. Aairoon was sick of running and he decided to make his last stand however he instructed Majinn and the others to flee and he instructed Majinn to find Thandrazina (a Bralini that has good relations with the Genies).
Before he could flee though Urdaximil broke through the gate, along with an unanticipated monstrocity that resembles a colossal magma beast (this beast was created by Urdaximil and is his son). Urdaximil immedietly put everyone to sleep in the demiplane and he then entered the dreams and assaulted them there where Urdaximil has almost unbounded power.. Before he could flee Majinn was held up by the magma beast. When Urdaximil noticed that the magma beast was being rooted he shunted the beast out of the dream and focused on the creature that hurt his son. He projected the images of what this creature (Majinn) feared most. These images were of beauty and order something that urdaximil may fear if he felt fear himself (which he doesnt).
Urdaximil took slight delight in the images he saw coursing through this stragne creatures head. He then dispatched of this creature.

An unknown amount of time later this creature (this creature is Bojinn) got awoken by a small black bear licking at its face. After a small tussle with the bear the creature then decided to project images of peace into the animals mind. The bear wasnt exaclty vicious and after the bear realized it was not in danger it fled.
The creature that was awoken remembered nothing of its past life (although it still retained knowledge of the world, such as what are animals, what is north south, etc, math, languages, etc,). The only things it could remember of its past life is the images of a giant everchanging terror that detroyed it; and the images in his mind of a purple skinned woman. He also has a presensory awareness that this woman is located to the north-west of his current location.
The first thing the creature noticed about his current environment (besdies the bear) was that he was in a forest. The creature sustained some damage from the bear and he went looking for herbs that would facilitate healing. After finding some herbs he notices a large flock of birds flying overhead in the southern direction. What was stragne about this flock was that it was composed of various species of birds (usually flocks are composed of one typw of bird). This indicated tha tthe birds were not migrating but may have been fleeing from something,
He fly up into the air and surveyed the land. He then noticed that not only birds were fleeing. Bears, rabbits, squirrels, wolves, and other fauna were all fleeing to the south. Before investiagting anything the creature rested hundreds of feet above the ground.
After waking up the creature notices that there is no longer a mass of fauna moving in the southern direction (although a birds and squirrels can be spotted). So the creature decides to head toward the impulse to the north-west.

He is traveling to the north -west, soon he begins to see smoke rising from what seems to be buildings in the distance to the north-west. The smoke is close to the water which indicated that the structures are built near the ocean. All of the sudden there appears a black figure that resembles the creature almost exaclty except instead of ectoprimodial pink skin it has black skin and out of its vents in its body shoots out fire instead of air. This creature was heading from the eastern direction. It stops in front of the creature (Bojinn but he doesnt remember his name) and in a cackling voice tells him he is going to kill him. In addition the creature (Bojinn ) has a stange desire to kill this creature.
After a seemingly futile battle the black figure jets out toward the north eastern direction right towards to smoke.After a chase Bojinn backs of and heads for a more direct root to the town. Once in the town Bojinn still sense he has a way to go and that the impulse is actually across the sea. Bojinn sends images of the black figure and of the impulse. He then tries to sense the black figures location in his minds eye he hears a splash coming as if something jumbed in water. He heads towards the noise and finds himself above the ocean about 200ft away from the shore. Whatever brought him here is long gone or out of sight. Bojinn plunges into the ocean but he soon runs out of breath. After he just heads back to town and lands on the dock near the largest ship in town. Bojinn’s strange demeanor and presences scares a guard and the gard goes and talks to Car’Ul a large minotaur whom captains one of the three ships in town. Bojinn lands near Car’uls ship and Car’ul questions the stragne creature. Car’ul takes a liking to this stragne creature and offers him free passage on his ship towards the direction of the impulse to the north-west
First, though, Car’ul was adamant about stopping at a small island where he was told great treasure may lie. Bojinn half-heartedly agreed to go on this detour, Once they got to the island Car’Ul told bojinn to stay on board. Bojinn shot the shit with the ship drunk (whom he met earlier in his cabin). After awhile they heard howling and screaming coming from the isalnd. bojinn went to investigate. The small island is almost completely covered in tropical forest except the shore line and the very center of the island. At the center of the island is a large rock almost tall as the treeline and about 75ft wide at the base gradually rounding off at the top. At one side of the rock Bojinn saw Car’ul and his crew being attacked by what appears to be large black furred wolves that have gleaming red eyes. He goes down to investigate and joins them in battle. After a few decisive blows many of the wolves were dead but you could see many more gleaming eyes out of caves that are located at the base of this large rock in the center of the island. Car’ul tells him men to fall back and the wolves follow the men making a circular shap around the men until they reach their dummy boats and head to the ship. The wolves then bed down on the shore next to where the ship is anchored down (there is about 50 wolves). After you guys get to the ship Car’ul tells you that he will take you where you need to go; he is very upset and disappointed with himself because many of his friends had died on this mission (just before this mission Car’ul was telling Bojinn that there hasnt been a mission he couldnt handle but after this bluder seemed to have humbled him). Car’Ul was impressed with bojinn’s skill in battle.

Now, the ship isheading to the North-west in the direction of the impulse.

Information Gained

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