A Soul Apart

Adventure 1: The Awakening

Start off as Majinn. Majinn is awoken by Zax, his first lieutenant. Zax tells him to wake up and that Urdaximil is breaking through the gate. Zax then explains to him that Aairoon wants to see him.
Majinn finds himself in the all to familiar castle made of solid clouds.
Majinn goes and talks to Aairoon (the chaotic elder elemental of air). Aairoon is sick of running and tells Majinn to flee. He tells him to search for Thandrazina (a Bralini). Before Majinn could flee Urdaximil broke through the gate and put him to sleep. In the dreamscape created by Urdaximil Majinn fought and wounded a colossal magma beast. Urdaximil then focused his attention on Majinn and killed him. The adventure begins!!!

Now as Bojinn, he gets woken up by a small black bear. After a small fight the black bear flees. Majinn notices numerous animals all fleeing the south. He rests then heads towards the north-west in the direction of an impulse that tells him a purple skinned woman is in that direction.

On the way towards the impulse Bojinn is attacked by a black figure that looks almost exactly like him. The black figure flees and gets away. bojinn heads to a town on the northwestern edge of this island and sees three large ships. After a small confrontation with a guard Bojinn befriends a captain of the biggest ship in town: Car’Ul a minotaur. Car’ul agrees to bring him across the sea in the direction of the impluse but first the ship is taking a detour to an island rumored to have treasure.

On the island the crew and Car’ul were attacked by what seemed to be wolves. Bojinn helps the crew escape and Car’ul then says that he will navigate the ship towards the impulse.

Here is a link to more information gained during the adventure: Information Gained


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